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I am a composer, guitar player and producer. I work from my own studio in the valley of Traslasierra in Argentina.

I was born in Italy on January 11, 1970.

During childhood there were some years of violin lessons and vinyls of classical music (which I listened to avidly and at murderous volumes).


Eventually the violin got supplanted by an old electric guitar, rockbands and gigs in smoky clubs.


...until my turntable began to play more and more bop jazz LPs from the 60's and 70's, which paved the way in my mind for the sounds of modern classical music.


There were studies for the conservatory,  private lessons in classical composition and jazz guitar at Boston's Berklee College.


Around this time I became powerfully drawn to Europe's northern  regions; so much that I felt compelled to go and live there, which I did.


In Stockholm I found a creative home at Elektronmusikstudion, a unique and historical studio which made it possible for me to start working as a composer (gratitude going out!).


There came commissions and international awards, a year at Paris' Centre Pompidou  (Ircam), my music performed around Europe, and even a side act as lead guitarist in a 10-member Rai-Rock (Arabic music) band.


In spite of all the luck, in time I knew I had to take the lonely road again and build something new of my own - from scratch... Which led to times of doubt and turmoil, prolonged stays in London and Buenos Aires, where I did much songwriting and playing with my band Lila and set up my first recording studio, with analog equipment.


After a time we moved again, family and studio, to a mountain valley along the pre-Andes chain, a place still largely ruled by Nature where I began working on entirely new foundations for my future works.

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