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Bardos is a series of modular live compositions for a set of instruments comprising of acoustic and processed guitars, a variety of percussions (djembe, talking, drum, derbouka, drumset, cymbals, etc...), voices, synthesizers.

Partly utilizing custom-made sequences and loops , these pieces are planned as a large, unitary live performance where the constituting sections of each piece can be shifted around. The result is being able to create improvised structures involving many elements at once.

The underlying theme of Bardos is, as the name suggests, a deep, life and death transformation, a change of body, a longing to get 'to the other shore'.

Rum i Mellan.jpg

Rum i Mellan

Lied vom kindsein.png

Lied vom Kindsein


Ku Yang Kyos

A Michele, ....tra Sé e non Sé

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