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Frames and The Music Creation Laboratory experience is born out of the desire and need  for a closer and consistent collaboration between composers and interpreters.

...not after the composition process is done but while it is happening.

Frames' strategies for musical collaboration provide a collection of tools and resources, a sort of operative system, to help new alchemies to ignite.

It provides the participants with concepts, symbols, and practical procedures (such as semi-improvised sequences, activities, games, etc.), to build up inspiring and fruitful sessions in which virtually any kind of music material can be explored and developed, and eventually, shaped into enjoyable forms and ever changing performances.

Frames' origin point lies however not in the abstract realm; it is imagined and developed from the start as an aid to the living, empirical experience of sound.

In 2023 I started working with the chamber quartet Clásica Traslasierra in sessions where these practices translate to a number of exciting and compelling recorded works.

We are very happy to share them here with you!
Click on the pictures to reproduce the corresponding track on Spotify.

SIDDHANTA copy.jpg
Dal Niente
Busco La Voz.jpg
...busco la voz de esta máquina que suena...

We strongly recommend an immersive listening experience with a high quality reproduction system (or at least headphones).

A lot of loving work has been invested into crafting meaningful colors and nuances to achieve a deeply textured sound, a significant part of which would be lost on computer or telephone speakers.

We also suggest to consider an appropriate time and setting for the fruition of this work of art, whose content can induce an intense personal response.

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